Established in 2018, the INGEV Entrepreneurship Support Center (INGEV GDM) provides support to disadvantaged entrepreneurs to enable them to bring their business ideas to life and to established businesses to help them grow and create employment.

Since then, more than a thousand entrepreneurs have received one-on-one support from experts in business development, finance and legal consultancy. This support to entrepreneurs has helped their businesses to thrive, creating new jobs and gaining new customers.

To combat unregistered employment, INGEV GDM acting under the “Suitable Work” principle has applied for work permits on behalf of more than 400 employees, while also providing payment assistance for the permit fees.

For those entrepreneurs at the beginning stages of realizing their business ideas, the Support Center has provided support in navigating the bureaucratic processes and costs that new business owners face.As a result of the support provided by INGEV GDM, nearly 250 individual enterprises and limited companies have been established

At a time when creating sustainable employment and business initiatives is critically important, INGEV GDM continues to work with stakeholders from the civil society and the public and private sectors to diversify and expand its services.

What Have We Achieved?

Since 2018, İNGEV GDM has been with disadvantaged entrepreneurs…


Consultancy Service for Company and Entrepreneur


Company Supported by Establishment


Work permit

2,3 Million TL*

In-kind and in-cash support given to disadvantaged entrepreneurs