Digitalization has recently emerged as one of the most important trends in business, and INGEV is working to support the capacity building and business development within this context.

The importance of digital marketing, tools and online sales has become and will remain a critical aspect of business following the COVID-19 period. With this in mind, INGEV DDM offers digital solutions for companies and entrepreneurs for adapting to this new internet-based reality.

DDM’s mission is to offer support in digital development by providing professional and affordable services to business initiatives at the establishment and development stages.

DDM provides entrepreneurs with digital consultancy and services such as web site establishment, digital marketing and communication, and training. Topics of digital consultancy services include e-commerce, online store and categorization, online payment, corporate email, establishing a business social media page, digital marketing tools, and more. Digital training sessions will be conducted both online and off, and include services such as software, digital marketing, digital communication, business content creation, and many more.

INGEV DDM seeks to educate a generation of entrepreneurs who can understand and work professionally in the digital sphere. With digital support from DDM, entrepreneurs will be able to deliver their products and services to a larger audience, reach new markets both at home and abroad, and easily form new partnerships.