Global Intrigue About d-FAIRs 1st Virtual event  
INGEV 1st d-FAIR for Women’s Clothing and Footwear took place on September 12-15 with eager participation from more than 20 countries.  More
Guide for Digital Citizenship: From Turkey to Global
Digital citizenship is considered as the new challenge for citizens around the Globe. INGEV is addressing this challenge in cooperation with Facebook and Oxford University, to launch the first stage of the project.  More
Conclusion of the Digital Identity Pilot Test!
Aimed at implementing trade chamber transactions and work permit applications for refugee entrepreneurs, in a blockchain-based platform... More
High Council Enhances Quality of Administration
INGEV High Council actively initiated strengthening the vision and corporate identity of the NGO to support its development and management. More
HDI and Measuring SDGs at City Level
INGEV has expanded its study of HDI-D (Human Development Index-Districts), which aims to measure and monitor human development at the local level, to include metropolitan municipalities. More
 ActHuman III Focus on “Strong Cooperatives”
“Strong Cooperatives for Social Solidarity Economy”, was the 3rd topic of ActHuman joint initiative between INGEV & IPM.  Beginning with the advisory board meeting held on August 26. More
Innovative Approach to Mentorship
INGEV marked the 2nd year of the “Business Development Mentorship” project in cooperation with the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development). More
Familiarity Breeds Cohesion
INGEV designed and carried out a research to gauge the level of social cohesion in Mardin. Mardin has hosted communities from different religions, languages, and cultures throughout history. More
No Barriers to Entrepreneurship!
An important threshold was crossed by the “Development of Access to Livelihoods for Persons with Disabilities” project, carried out by INGEV in cooperation with Relief International and with support from PRM. More
Support to SMEs Continues Despite the Pandemic
Entrepreneurship support gained momentum despite the Pandemic in the last quarter thanks to the support of UNDP and other program partners. INGEV has witnessed a particular increase in work permit issuance, reaching 600 applications. More

INGEV GDM in Action!

Total Capital of SMEs Established by INGEVGDM
Reached 18 Million TRY

As INGEVGDM marks its 2nd year, the total capital has reached 18 million TRY, covering establishment of 307 SMEs while 110 of them are Limited Liability Companies.

INGEVGDM operates in full capacity to support entrepreneurs at the stage of start-up to implement their business ideas and enter the Turkish market with their new products and services.

In addition, one of INGEV’s main goals is to ensure that Syrian SMEs increase their sales and marketing options, develop business networks with Turkish SMEs, and connect to export networks in the Middle East and North Africa.

So, what does INGEV actually do for the SMEs?

The owner of Ehsan Group company:  Ahmed Alahmed, is engaged in export and import of medical products. INGEV advised him to start a Limited Liability Company considering his business structure and helped establish his business in February of 2019. After that, he secured tenders and successfully fulfilled contracts. He now supplies products from England, Germany and Turkey and exports them to Syria. During INGEV consultations, he was offered free accounting and bookkeeping services for 6 months. More

INGEVGDM FAQ & Answers Updated

INGEVGDM Frequently Asked Questions & Answers are updated. Click on the link below to find the latest financial and legal questions that entrepreneurs asked from INGEVGDM support line, along with the answers provided by INGEV consultants, Lawyer Berna Dağdelen and Financial Expert Kadir Şahin. Questions and answers are based on analysis of more than 4500 requests made to INGEV support line.

INGEV has prepared demonstration videos for Syrian businesses on 22 topics from responsibilities of company owners in Turkey to active industries, finding a job in Turkey, fairs, SME supports, and export incentives. Etc.

The videos cover various topics such as finding sales channels for SMEs, how to carry out BAĞ-KUR procedures, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), information about tenders in Turkey, and importance of digital marketing, etc.
“Better and Fair Life for All”…
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