Digital Business Fair from INGEV
INGEV initiates the İNGEV Digital Fair (INGEV D-FAIRs) chain of events by strengthening its efforts to support fragile community segments with a new initiative. The first digital fair will take place on October 15-17, 2020 and will include SMEs established by Syrians.  More
Towards Job Matching for Our Disabled Beneficiaries
The project "Improving Access to Livelihood Opportunities for Refugees with Disabilities”, which continues with the cooperation of Relief International and the support of PRM, has reached a very important stage. More
Digitalization Assistance for Refugee Entrepreneurs from INGEV GDM
Refugee Entrepreneurs faced many challenges regarding putting their business ideas into practice, accessing livelihood opportunities, and recruiting employees. More
Vural Cakir Pens His Entrepreneurship Experiences
INGEV President Vural Çakır has started putting down his entrepreneurship experiences on paper with a new series of articles on the INGEV website. More
“Checklist With Renan” Provides Entrepreneurs with Practical Tips And Clues
INGEV added a new service to its entrepreneurial support mechanisms. "Checklist with Renan" sketches out the critical aspects and topics that entrepreneurs should pay attention to in order to effectively deal with the ups and downs in the life of an entrepreneur. Prepared by Renan Burduroğlu, the training is in Turkish and presented with Arabic subtitles. More
INGEV CHATS Focuses on Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives
INGEV CHATS has recently held its 18th episode since March when the Covid-19 outbreak started in Turkey. INGEV CHATS Episodes in June were devoted to Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives. More
Barrier to Cohesion: Disinformation
Turkish people are so misinformed about Syrians living in Turkey that the biggest obstacle to social harmony among the two communities can be said to be disinformation. More


Refugee Entrepreneurs are More Pessimistic About the Future
Refugee entrepreneurs are more affected by the COVID-19 pandemic than their Turkish counterparts and are more pessimistic about the future. More
Fast Information Service from INGEV to Refugee SMEs
With İNGEV Flash News, we started to inform refugee SMEs about economic developments. More
Making a Difference with Impactful Mentorship
We came to the end of the first year in our business mentoring project funded by EBRD. The aim of the project was to enhance business development capacity of Syrian entrepreneurs. More


“İNGEV GDM supported the establishment of more than 250 companies”
Since the “Business Mentors for Cohesion” project, INGEV GDM has supported the establishment of more than 250 companies and more than 1600 Syrian businesses from different sectors received consultancy services. INGEV GDM will continue its activities in the coming months in order to strengthen the financial integration of Syrian businesses and support social cohesion.

Within the scope of INGEV GDM in the last 16 months from the date of its establishment on December 14, 2018 to June 15, 2020:
  • More than 4500 calls have been received, Syrian entrepreneurs found answers to their questions about the legal and financial regulations in Turkey.
  • Provided consultancy services to over 1600 Syrian businesses in business development, marketing, law, finance and information technology.
  • More than 250 companies were established.
  • More than 450 work permits were obtained.
  • 14 “Information Meetings” were held.
  • 14 webinars were organized.

Covid-19 Outbreak and Post-Covid Era at INGEV GDM

INGEV GDM continues to offer different services to help entrepreneurs realize their business ideas, increase the capacity of their existing businesses and support their growth. More

“INGEV Consulting Days” Continue through Webinars.
İNGEV continues its "INGEV Consulting Days" events, bringing together entrepreneurs and experts, through webinars.  More

Ranging from the responsibilities of company owners to active sectors, from finding a job in Turkey to SME loans and export incentives, we’ve prepared guiding videos for Syrian SME representatives in 22 different topics in Arabic language.

Through these videos, you can also reach out information related to establishing business in US, sectors with high-potential, work permit and opening bank accounts in Turkish banks.
“Better and Fair Life for All”…
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