It is our hope that the corona virus pandemic has entered a downward trend in Turkey and the world alike. I’d like to call this episode the transition to the post-Corona period. This is an interim phase where we will have to make progress on various fronts. A time of social mobilization awaits us. More

A Solidarity Map for Individuals with Disabilities;*
Disabled individuals are one of the most vulnerable groups of the society, and no matter how valuable both the academic and practical studies conducted on this subject are, it can be possible to transform it into a systematics and record it, only by way of mapping or creating a database. More
Full Support for Employment and Entrepreneurship Despite the Pandemic
İNGEV, one of the most important addresses in Refugee entrepreneurship in Turkey, continues to be the main point of access for the Syrians SMEs and Business representatives, thanks to the entrepreneurship activities it has performed for over 1.5 years within İNGEVGDM. More
Covid-19 Trend Charts from İNGEV
At 9 pm each day since the beginning of April, basic indicators and trend charts are broadcasted in INGEV’s social media accounts soon after Ministry of Health publishes the official pandemic data for the day. In this way, the INGEV followers get a more detailed view of the daily changes. More...
Unreliable but Free: Social Media Confidence Research
“Trust in Social Media” Research conducted by INGEV TAM in collaboration with Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication has been concluded. The most appropriate definition that can be attributed to social media is “free but unreliable”.More...
Gender Perceptions Research: Is it OK to Slap Women in Particular Situations?
Even though majority in Turkey agrees that inequality of opportunity based on gender exists in the society, we run the risk of accepting it as natural. Only 29% of the society think that men and women have equal opportunities. The majority of men admit that ‘it is more difficult to be a woman in Turkey’, and ‘women face more problems than men do in social life’.  More
Digital Governance Opportunities for the Municipalities
The report “Digital Governance Opportunities for Local Administrations” prepared by INGEV in cooperation with IPC and University of Oxford is published. The report probes into a topic that has become of vital importance upon the outbreak of Corona virus pandemic. INGEV President Vural Cakir addresses these opportunities, in the preface he drafted, as follows:More...
The Life with INGEV CHATS, During and After the Isolation
While the Corona Virus Pandemic is still effective worldwide, we continue to jazz up the life in isolation with knowledge-based conversations. More...
Our Digital Supports Increasing
İNGEV Digital Support Center (DDM) started its operations. The activities led by Kamal Bakour are executed in three languages: Turkish, Arabic and English. More


“İNGEV GDM Continues to Make a Difference
for the Businesses”

İNGEV GDM delivered assistance for the establishment of more than 240 companies and helped over 800 Syrian business from a wide range of sectors to receive consultancy services, ever since the project “Business Mentors for Cohesion” was launched. İNGEV GDM will continue its operations non-stop in the coming months, in an effort to promote the financial integration of the Syrian business and support the social cohesion.
As part of GDM, İNGEV carried out the following tasks and operations over the last 16 months, the period between December 14, 2018 (date of incorporation) – April 20 2020:
- It received over 4000 calls and replied the inquiries of the Syrian entrepreneurs regarding the legal and financial legislation in Turkey.
- It delivered consultation services to over 800 Syrian businesses in business development, marketing, law, finance and information technologies.
-  It helped the establishment of more than 240 companies.
-  It obtained more than 100 work permits.
-  It held 14 “Information Meetings”.
-  It organised 10 webinars.

We Continue Our Services Non-stop at İNGEVGDM

İNGEVGDM keeps on offering a wide range of services in an attempt to support the entrepreneurs so that they can put different business ideas into practice, boost the capacity of their existing businesses and possess a sustainable businesses that contribute to the economy. More

The representatives of of SMEs are Brought Together by Virtue of İNGEVGDM Webinars 
We began live-streaming our INGEV webinar series, which already kicked off back in January, in weekly series and kept the Syrian entrepreneurs informed about financial supports and regulations under Covid-19, as well as about the legal processes, and applicable legislation for the employers and employees during this period. More

We prepared some videos to serve as a guideline for the Syrian businesses, on 22 different subjects from the responsibilities of company owners in Turkey to active sectors to finding employment in Turkey to exhibitions to SME grants and export incentives, etc.

Furthermore, the details about the responsibilities of company owners, starting a business in the U.S.A., the sectors with a high potential, work permits and opening bank accounts in Turkish banks, etc. can be accessed via these videos.
“Better and Fair Life for All”…
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