Together, Truly

Together, Truly

Human development is a broad concept; it has many variables and there are esteemed civil society groups dedicated to these variables. We at İNGEV first wanted to contribute to the improvement of income distribution, to increase the skilled employment and to fight against poverty. We want to contribute by raising awareness, bringing up recommendations to the decision makers through social policy research and designing and executing projects with which we personally involve.

Growing through development is the main driving force for a happier society. But, we now want that the growth will be comprehensive, and we want to contribute to the fact that lower income groups will benefit more from the growth. The world has now reached a level where the word “growth” cannot be used without its comprehensive definition (inclusive growth). Now, we are at the time where this becomes a measurable goal rather than being a romantic wish.

Conventional capitalism used to believe that the growth of companies and brands was the only necessary function. Afterwards, we saw a period where companies became socialized with corporate social responsibility projects. We are now at the phase of passing to “new company”. We believe that contributing for the comprehensive growth, Gini Index and social responsibility to become the inherent performance criterion of the “new company” will facilitate the human development.

However impatient we are, we are aware that it would take some time for a better İNGEV with effective projects, permanent resources and powerful eco system.

But we don’t mind the distance. We just want to work together and truly with all those who would like to contribute.

Vural Çakır

Chairman, INGEV Foundation

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