Eğitimli Gençler İstihdamını Geliştirme Projesi
Improving the Employment of Urban and Educated Youth Project
Aile Tipi Küçük Tarım İşletmeleri İhtiyaç Analizi ve Gelişme Fırsatları Projesi
Need Analysis and Development Opportunities for Family Owned Small Agricultural Enterprises Project
Gıda Tedarik Zincirinde Verimlilik Fırsatları ve Gıda Enflasyonuyla Mücadele Projesi
Productivity Opportunities at Food Supply Chain and Struggle With Food Inflation Project
Lower Income Groups Social Policy Research Project


İNGEV believes in developing and conducting projects which run transparently. All İNGEV projects are announced on this page (unless there is a specific legal or technical inconveniency).

The İNGEV projects which are on preparation stage or developing are called as “open” as status; the İNGEV projects of which the implementation becomes definitive or which is carried into effect are called as “active” status; the finalized İNGEV projects are called as “completed” status.

Companies, brands, public agencies and institutions, civil society groups and individuals can support the projects they choose by going through the “open” and “active” İNGEV projects. They also can request to be got in touch by İNGEV management.

For this, companies, brands, institutions or individuals can fill out the forms stated in “Corporate-Brand Contribution” or “Individual Contribution” sections on this website. Detailed information is provided under these “Corporate-Brand Contribution” and “Individual Contribution” sections.


All İNGEV projects are listed below. You can read these projects and contribute to which you are interested in. If you want to make a corporate contribution you can visit the “Corporate-Brand Contribution”; If you want to make an individual contribution, you can visit the “Individual Contribution” and you can fill out the form stated in each of the sections and send it to us. Afterwards we will get in contact with you shortly. Thank you for your support.