With the support of İSTKA, INGEV initiated the “Identification of the employment trends in İstanbul” project

İNGEV has started the “Identification of the employment trends in İstanbul” project with the support of İSTKA (Istanbul Development Agency). The project explicitly focuses on the relation between employment and education.


In this project INGEV’s aim is to:

  • To focus on the employees and active unemployed young adults between the ages of 15-34.
  • To understand the time spent while seeking a job and being employed according to criteria such as education, age, gender.
  • To identify the trends on employment according to their educational background and identify their needs.


Following the project, there will be literature review, 1400 phone survey, 2 meetings and a workshop. INGEV will also print the outcomes from this project and share it with 200 institutions and a press conference will be held for media coverage.