INGEV Presented the Results of “Relation of Employment and Education in Istanbul” Research in The Introductory Meeting Organized By İSTKA

One of the priority issues of the 2014-2023 which reveals the socio-economic development trends and potentials of Istanbul Area is the employment. And about this priority issue, İNGEV’s research called “Relation of Employment and Education in Istanbul” and İTÜ-Marmara Universities co-research “identification of the Employment Trends in Istanbul” which were both completed with the support of İSTKA (İstanbul Development Agency), were introduced in a meeting held in Istanbul Chamber of Industry.


The opening speeches of the meeting was made by Deputy General Secretary Haktan Akın and ISTKA General Secretary Özgül Özkan Yavuz. İSTKA Specialist Dr. Neşe Türkseven made a presentation about “2014 – 2023 Employment Strategies in Istanbul Region Plan”. Afterwards research reports were presented.


The results of the employment research conducted by İNGEV were presented by Renan Burduroğlu, Member of the Counseling Committee of İNGEV. Burduroğlu pointed out the importance of the women’s role in employment and said: “Women’s participation to the employment is very important. When education increases, the participation to the workforce also increases.”


Another employment research conducted by İTÜ and Marmara Universities were presented by Assoc Prof. Ilker Akgün from Marmara University, Business Administration Faculty and by Assoc. Prof. Aliye Ahu Akgün from İTÜ Architecture Faculty.


Employment Researches Introductory Meeting was ended with the Q&A session where project executives participated.