INGEV has launched the “HOPES – Education is a Must” Project

“Education is a Must” Project has been started by INGEV and Bahçeşehir University Center of Migration and Urban Studies (BAUMUS). The Counseling Committee meeting of this project was organized with the participation of the representatives from various organizations who work for the education of the Syrians. During the Counseling Committee meeting, information about “Education is a Must” Project was shared. The current policies, applications about the admittance of the Syrians to higher education in Turkey and the scope of service of the Call Center which will be established as part of the project were also discussed during the meeting.


Launched as part of EU Regional Trust Fund, HOPES Regional Programme is conducted with the cooperation of Academic Exchange Services of Germany, British Council, Campuse France and Nuffic.

Thanks to this project, it would be possible to give information and counseling services to Syrians with higher education capabilities to be admitted to higher education.

The Call Center which will be established, will provide reliable counseling support to young Syrians about the procedures of the university applications, scholarship and dormitory opportunities, language courses and so on.