İGE-İ Antalya-Muratpaşa Workshop Was Held

Antalya-Muratpaşa Municipality Workshop was held with great participation on 28 October 2017. In the workshop, the solutions for better human development were discussed exclusively for districts/municipalities according to İGE-İ (Human Development Index – Districts) project results.


After a general presentation about İNGEV, İGE-İ Project results about Muratpaşa were presented.  After the presentation, group table discussions were held in order to identify the actions special to district/municipality’s IGE-İ results. After the discussions the recommendations were gathered on “Idea Tray”. Binnur Çakır, İNGEV Counseling Committee Member and Prof. Dr. Murat Şeker made the presentations. And also the Mayor aal.             Ümit Uysal and Municipality Departments’ Heads and counselors participated to the workshop.

Besides all this, Muratpaşa Municipality was given “Social Inclusive” award which was defined according to İNGEV’s İGE-İ (Human Development Index – Districts) published in the beginning of 2017.

After the workshop, the ideas which were created as actionable recommendations will be grouped and reported under the topics “Embrace”, Put Forward” and “Develop-Preserve”.