Huge Turnout for The First Conference of ActHuman Social Inclusion Hub

The first conference of ActHuman Social Inclusion Hub, which was carried out by the cooperation of INGEV and IPM and with the support of UNHCR and Syrian Economic forum, was held on 27 September 2017 in Salt Galata. Important repsentatives form public and private sectors, NGOs and academic world attended to this conference which was named as “To Improve the contribution of the companies, established by Syrians, to Employment and Economy”


This was the first time that Syrian entrepreneurs came together with the specialists of the public institutions and with the NGO managers.


The opening speeches were made by Vural Çakır, President of INGEV and by Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman, Director of IPM. The conference was moderated by Berk Çoker, Director and Member of the Counseling Committee of INGEV. In the conference, Işık Oğuzertem, Country Director of Building Markets presented the results from the report called “Another Side to the Story”. A panel about the stories of the Syrian entrepreneurs was held where participants listened some success stories from Syrian entrepreneurs. And Ambassador Adnan Keçeci made a speech about the general condition of Syrians in Turkey. According to official records, the number of the companies (with the statue of foreign capital) established by Syrian refugees is around 8 thousand. But off the books it is estimated that this number surpasses 30 thousand.


The topic of how to support the entrepreneurship of Syrian refugees in order to increase the contribution of them to Turkish economy, employment and general integration was also discussed during the conference. As part of this discussion, Rami Sharrack, Director of Syrian Economic Forum, presented the Draft Policies Document which was prepared by Syrian Economic Forum, İPM and İNGEV. Incentives, tax and exemptions, working conditions, employment, business network, official framework and financial inclusion for Syrian entrepreneurs were all evaluated and discussed during this special session.


In the second part of the conference, two panels were held about Regulations and Business Related Comments within the scope of Draft Policies Document.


After the conference, The Draft Policies Document will be finalized and the final report will be shared with the people and organizations who work in this area.