Act*Human has ended amid large public turnout

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Act*Human Summit, has been held at Swissotel with participation of 600 representatives from private sector, NGOs and academia. The participation of speakers met with great interest from the audience, where Başak Şengül was the master of ceremony.The summit opened with İNGEV Chairman Vural Çakır’s keynote speech.

The summit’s main goal was to set out a fresh and sincere glance at the relationship between corporations and human development. Among the speakers Emma Duncan, editor of The Economist’s 1843 magazine, emphasized on the importance of contribution from the enterprise while sustaining human development. Marcus Neto, Director of Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development, also reminded the integral role companies play in development in his speech, referring to the recent accomplishments the UNDP and bussiness world contributions while achieving progress in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Coca Cola Company Chairman Muhtar Kent made a video adress at the conference about “Future: Social Enterprise”

The speaker which gathered the largest media attention was perhaps, Prof. Yuval Noah Harari, the writer of SAPIENS and HOMO DEUS which are among the most contraversial books of 21st Century. While summing up the brief history of past, Prof. Harari projected into the future explaining some of “The New Difficulties of 21st Century.”

INGEV Chairman Vural Çakır and HDI-D Project Coordinator Asst. Prof. Murat Şeker, talked about the most recent research developments at INGEV. The two presented the results of INGEV’s recent index of “Human Development Among Turkey’s 150 Districts”, finishing with the outcomes of the foundation’s research on “Public Perception of Human Development in Turkey”.

One of the other highlights of Act*Human was the art exhibition of “Refugee Artists and Children”. The pieces produced on the themes of “Happiness, Freedom and Encounter” were displayed throughout the conference. Students who contributed from six temporary education centers in Bahattin Yıldız High School were coordinated by renowned artist İsmail Acar.

The Summit has acted as a platform where companies and NGOs had an oppotunity to discuss human development, while understanding each other better. A mini-fair has enabled this with participation from 17 different NGOs, where representatives from these organisations connected live to the auditorium. At the end of the summit, the municipalities which ranked the highest in the foundation’s “Human Development Index – Districts” ranking were awarded by INGEV Chairman Vural Çakır.

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