A Measurable View of Our Social Harmony: Social Cohesion Index

Social cohesion, examined as a concept of societies’ living together in cohesion level, shows where we stand and where we can develop as a society.

Social Cohesion Index and sub-indexes of main factors that form this Index is measured under the research framework from a data set representing Turkey. There have been various researches reflecting this kind of data. However, social cohesion has usually been dealt by interpreting the questionnaire answers. This new study, on the other hand, brings the cohesion together under three main elements: the level of social correlativity, healthy and stable social relations, and a developed understanding of collective interest. Main elements are based upon an index structure consisting of nine sub-factors. These sub-factors are belonging, trust in organizations, justice perception, deep social networks, trust in people, acknowledgment of pluralism, solidarity and philanthropy, abiding to social norms, and civil engagement.

From this perspective, a measurable and repeatable format upon which policies can be carried out is designed. The study whose preface was written by Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman was carried out by INGEV for İstanbul Policy Center (IPC). The report will be out soon.