The first World Humanitarian Summit will be held in Istanbul

The countdown has started for the first World Humanitarian Summit that will be held in Istanbul on May 23-24. With United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s global call for action to bring this summit to life, many state leaders are expected to attend. 5000 people are expected to attend this summit whichmultinational corporations, communities affected by the crisis, the private sector, international and national NGOs, youth, civil-military and academic world will be represented at the highest level.

All the three major objectives of the summit, supports UN Secretary General Ban Ki- Moon’s “ We are in the age of Mega Crisis” saying.


– To revitalize the humanitarian principles addiction to universality.

– By setting a concrete road map, help countries and communities be able to provide a better response to crisis and to be prepared.

– To save lives around the world, those affected by the humanitarian crisis be put in the center of action and to share best practices and innovations to alleviate pain.

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