Norway is #1 for the last 12 years…

Norway is chosen once again 12 years in a row to be the most livable country in the world. Norway is followed by a small difference –  Australia and Switzerland comes second and third.

There are three aspects that combine’em all. It is pretty simple:

Health, education and life expectancy.

England comparing to others are stepping up, and came up 14th in rankings. The life expectancy inEngland is right now 14th

  • England is number 14 on the list.
  • When life expectancy in England is 80.7, and is selected 2nd most livable in the world, after Norway with the average of 81.6 age.
  • In education, Australia takes the lead by 20 years according to Human Development Index. Luxembourg is on the 19th place while Qatar ranks 32nd with 13.9 years of education.
  • Japan ranks 19th while war-torn countries like Libya has fallen 27 ranks, so does Syria with 15 ranks and now Libya is #94 and Syria ranks #134.  World’s biggest democracy India is still on a deadlock and ranks #135 while it has the 3rd biggest economy in the world with 1.28 billion population.
  • Some of the very highly developed countries within the Human Development Index are Israel #29, Greece #49 and Montenegro comes last in this category.
  • When we look at the highly developed countries, Turkey ranks #72 followed by Jordan, Serbia, Malaysia.
  • From 106-143 countries, they are labeled as developed countries and those countries are the ones with less life expectancy, education and health. African west coast country “Sao Tome and Principle is a part of this category.
  • One of the least developed country according to Human Development Index is Kenya with 145th spot on the list. This category is also comprised of countries such as as Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Eritrea, Central Africa Republic and Niger.
  • For a better understanding, least developed countries are far more behind those that are very highly developed. For instance, life expectancy in Central African Republic is 30 years less than in England.
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