” Employment and Unemployment “, was the center of the World Economic Forum

The world’s largest 15 economies (G- 15), owns 65 percent of the total employment of our planet. Each year the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, the increase in data, artificial intelligence and robots draws attention to the fact that the need of human labor is diminishing as the years pass.From health care to manufacturing, automation to the service provided by the multi-dimensional human being, in all areas that require modern technology, robots are preparing to take the stage. The estimate predicted by United Nations International Labor Organization; is that global unemployment in 2020 will increase by ten million.Research, predicts that 2 out of 3 of the jobs lost in the office and administrative sector is due to intelligent machines gradually becoming more effective in routine work.

This year’s theme of the Davos Summit held January 20-23 was ” The Fourth Industrial Revolution “. From Nanotechnology to robot technology, from biotechnology to three-dimensional printing, all the topics focused on the summit” Future of Works ” report gives the right clues to the future of the world.Even though in all sectorsit seems certain of the loss of jobs, the effect from one sector to another will differ.

The most negative impact was expected to be with the rise of telemedicine, in the health sector, it was followed by the energy and financial services. Women, in general, works in sectors that shows small rise and slowing sectors. This group is expected to lose the most jobs. Accordingly, each of the three men who lost their jobs, will find one job, where the status of women in the same situation being 5 to 1 .

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