Full-Time and Flexible-Time Project Manager


Description :The management of social policy research to be conducted by İNGEV


Scope : İNGEV would like to help develop social policy proposals for public and private sector decision-makers. For this purpose, projects carried out starting from pre- submission will be made ​​to the relevant departments, following the necessary technical rule covers the process leading up to the creation of a final recommendation report. The project manager is responsible and authorized for the whole process.


To do list : To finalize the project design, to prepare the necessary submissions to receive project funding outside İNGEV, for project designto create installation projects required for project design with academia and relevant stakeholders, to create a project task list and manage the deal process with third parties that have to work according to this job list, the project site to deal with research companies if requires research depends on the work, project reports to coordinate the writing of the projects related to installation or do personally , the project presentation to do it with public and private sectors, and make the special unit is necessary to explain to the media, printed if required by the project and to make digital broadcast –ensuring introduction .


Features : Project management experience, presentation preparation and processingexperience, Turkish spelling language knowledge, knowledge in the field of social policy areas, higher education, strong communication skills,review of literature, oral and knowledge of English enough to make written communication.