What services do INGEV GDM offer?

Financial Support for Company Establishment
Our center, with the purpose of contributing to entrepreneurs in establishing their companies and putting their business ideas into practice, provides assistance through the company registration processes. We also cover the registration costs and provide free of charge accounting services for the 3 months of following the company registration.

Support Line in Arabic
Through this support hotline, we answer entrepreneurs’ inquiries on registrations, management, legal and financial legislation in Turkey, employment, loans and incentives.

Consultancy Support to SMEs
Our expert team of consultants provides legal, financial, business development, sales- marketing and IT consultancy. At our center in Istanbul, we offer free-of-charge consultancy services to entrepreneurs via face-to-face meetings and video conferences.

Access to Business Networks
We organize networking activities for companies established by Syrians with the participation of Turkish companies for creating business networks, forming cooperative links for their supply-chains and sharing experience and know-how to improve their capacities.

Dimensions of Cyber Violence

INGEV TAM completed the research report on Cyber ​​Violence. The research report is based on a field study shows that Turkey has low level of awareness on Cyber Violence. Individuals are unaware that som3 of their online experiences may constitute cyber violence. We are at a stage where smart phone availability is rapidly engulfing the whole society and the age of use is getting lower. This trend will continue. The INGEV TAM Cyber ​​Violence Awareness Report gives us a road map about our current stage. According to the research, 73% of the public stated that they did not know or knew little about behaviors that would be defined as Cyber ​​Violence. Raising awareness, preventing unintentional cyber violence or inability to use defense and protection options in cases of cyber violence are the crucial starting steps in the fight against cyber violence. INGEV plans a campaign to raise awareness by evaluating the various dimensions in the report.

Syrian Perception in Society

Turkey plays a key role for Syrian refugees and hosts 3,7 million Syrian refugees. A population of this size, of course, brings about many issues and especially social cohesion is very essential. Stable strategies, clear applications and large resources are needed. In addition to these efforts for refugees, the attitudes and behaviors of the host nationals are very significant. Particular attention needs to be paid to the tensions that may occur in a period when our country is going through the economic hardship and unemployment reaches high levels. There is a need for political parties and opinion leaders to approach the issue with extraordinary care. Political parties and leaders should not be provocative and use harmonious language. INGEV TAM  evaluated our society’s Syrian perception in a research report based on fieldwork. Our report shows that relations between Turkey and Syrian citizens are considered to be one of the most strained social relations. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, it is only shared with organizations that may be directly related.

The Right Opportunities for Women’s Employment

The unemployment rate in Turkey is very high. Although, women’s participation in employment is almost 30 percent, this rate falls to 17 percent in non-agricultural employment. For Syrian women, participation in working life is much more complex and multidimensional. Vocational training is provided for Syrians through many funds. It is very important that these trainings do not lead to new and even unregistered competition in the labor market. On the other hand, we should also see the danger that vocational training for Syrians will fall into repetition and may not succeed. Therefore, education and employment-oriented activities should proceed in a selective and goal-oriented manner that minimizes these drawbacks. Save The Children is one of the most sensitive organizations in this respect. Now INGEV, with the support of Save The Children, is conducting an analysis of labor opportunities that protects Syrian women.

The Image of Non-Govermental Organizations

Non-governmental organizations play a key role for healthy social development and peaceful democracy. It is possible for NGOs to contribute to the social life of individuals and make decisions together with society. NGOs can also play an important role in solving many problems that the public has difficulty in intervening. In some European countries, in order to be elected as a member of the parliament, a candidate has to have work experience in a NGO. In our country, NGOs with technician quality and supra-politics are developing. However, it is also known that number of NGOs intertwined with politics have increased and such NGOs have easier access to public resources. On the other hand, the fact that some NGOs played a role in the preparation of the July 15 attack on democracy was a depressing problem for the public image of NGOs. INGEV TAM has prepared a research report on the image of NGOs in public.The report reveals that the percentage of those who believe that non-governmental organizations benefit the society and that those who do not believe in society are distributed by almost half and half. This research will provide ample opportunity to generate significant inferences.

Syrian Companies Needs’ Analysis is Completed

Having sustainable livelihoods for Syrians is one of the most important issues of our country. Besides improving country-wide economy and employment, it is important especially when it comes to exporting to Arabic speaking countries and improving the relationship with Syrian diaspora. INGEV Social Research Center (TAM) completed a needs analysis based on interviews with 130 Syrian companies. This study was funded by INGEV TAM. According to previous studies, there has been progress in financial coverage, but entering the Turkish business eco system remains a fundamental need. Syrian Companies emphasize the need for new sources for capital in Turkey (58%) and access to new customers (45%). The report summary will soon be available on the INGEV website.

Our Syrian Companies Database is improving

Companies and businesses established with Syrian capital are important to strengthen social cohesion. In recent years, most foreign based established companies in our country are by Syrians. Taking these into consideration, INGEV Social Research Center (TAM) conducted a study updating the database of Syrian companies. Accordingly, the contact details of a total of 6,106 companies were updated by scanning. The development of the database will allow the projects for Syrian SMEs to proceed more effectively.

Mentorship Support for SMEs

INGEV MT started to provide mentorship to SMEs with the support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The project aims to develop the capacity of companies in selected areas by working with business owners. With the support of the INGEV MT team and the guidance of active mentors working in various fields of business life, it is aimed to enable the SMEs in the project to develop their business in at least one targeted area.

INGEV MT (Mentoring and Training Services) Started

INGEV MT identifies business impact as its main mission. Mentors and trainers are active in different sectors. INGEV MT aims to make concrete and measurable contributions to the entrepreneurs. It provides support in areas such as improving entrepreneurs’ eco systems, increasing entrepreneurs’ sales, increasing productivity, strengthening their distribution, increasing their product development skills and increasing their branding capacity.

INGEV MT group complements the work of mentors in areas such as preliminary research, analysis and networking. INGEV President Vural Cakir said “INGEV MT aims to create concrete business impact within entrepreneurship framework instead of at the abstract level”.