Social Policy Research

İNGEV considers, developing social policy recommendations which would support the human development, as one of its main objectives. It bases its recommendations on multi-source research and analyses which would be conducted together with related experts. It cooperates with private companies, public enterprises and local governments and international institutions. It considers sending its recommendations to the related authorities and supporting the implementation.

Implementation Projects

As much as research and analyses, İNGEV also considers conducting implementation projects actively. It conducts projects which support human development especially in the improvement of income distribution, scaling down the poverty and increasing the employment. For these projects it acts by cooperating with public enterprises and institutions, local governments, companies, brands and other foundations.

Trainings, Panels and Conferences

In order to make the awareness of human development rise, increase the sources reserved, promote successful endeavours and to develop cooperation and project ideas, İNGEV organizes trainings, meetings and conferences.