Social Equity : Right to get fair education and health services for everyone
Standard of Living : Employment opportunity and a living that can sustain humanly lives
Social Inclusion and Productivity : Economic development utilization and pursue of effective social policies by public authorities
Empowerment : Freedom of the people to influence development and decisions that affect their lives
Cooperation : Participation and belonging to communities in terms of mutual enrichment and a source of social meaning.
Environmental rights : Every individual should access to unspoiled natural resources for survival; including land, shelter, food, water, air and also ecological rights.
Sustainability – Security : Offer permanent and secured human development opportunities to people

Together, Truly

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ActHuman Social Inclusion Initiative has started with the cooperation of INGEV and IPM

The first conference of ActHuman Social Inclusion Initiative will be held on Wednesday, September 27 in Salt Galata.   Topic: THE ENHANCEMENT OF SYRIAN ENTERPRENEUERSHIP TO CONTRIBUTE EMPLOYMENT AND INTEGRATION   With ActHuman, we intend to develop social inclusion policies with research and then discuss it at an effective conference to conclude with a resolution […]

Human Development News

INGEV Reports


Syrian Refugee Livelihood Monitor Summary Assessment

“Refugee Livelihood Monitor” which is prepared in cooperation of İNGEV and Ipsos Social Research Institute, aims to track periodically the livelihood conditions of Syrian refugees living out-of refugee camps, their overall attitude and future plans in regards to living in Turkey and their consumption and shopping behaviour. Fieldwork is conducted between April 27th-May 20th 2017, […]

Our Values

We at İNGEV;

  • We support human development in our country for all people to live a happy life.
  • The betterment of distribution of income and the elimination of poverty are our top priorities.
  • We do submit analyses and make suggestions that will assist decision makers of social policy.
  • We value developing projects where we also take responsibility during its implementation.
  • We work without discriminating between language, faith, ethnicity, gender, political opinion or any other factor.
  • We believe in cooperation and solidarity, common sense and production, growing stronger and setting example together with our shareholders.


İNGEV Foundation is established in efforts to contribute human development in Turkey. INGEV’s objectives, in cooperation with relevant state institutions, local authorities, multi-national cooperation, universities and private sector; are to become a reference guide and primary source with regards to human development in our country; to present guiding opinions and suggestions to political decision-makers through researches and reports…

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